Let's Play it Again!

Summer music camp for current LPM students

July 15-18

Between Year 1 and 2 - 10:30am-12:30pm Between Year 2 and 3 - 2pm-4pm

What a fun and exciting year of learning new musical concepts and skills we've had!! With three months off between classes, you might be worried that your student will forget some of these things on which we've worked so hard. Or your child might have loved classes so much this year that you are looking for more over the summer! In either case, Let's Play it Again! has got you covered. With two available formats - parent-led or teacher-led - you can choose the one that works best for your student's needs and your goals: 

Parents may choose to simply purchase the Student Packet and work through the worksheets and repertoire on your own. There are also several activities and games to make review more fun (flashcards, matching games, etc.).   

Student Packet Download1st Year $9.99 (24 pages), 2nd Year $14.99 (36 pages)
  • Parent Guide - 1 page simple instructions to guide the parent in reviewing skills and concepts
  • 7 Worksheets to review core skills and concepts
  • Sheet Music
  • Printable activities (flashcards, etc.)
Teacher-led (with Miss Steph)
Maybe you can't stand the thought of three whole months without Miss Steph in your child's life! I am offering two 4-day weeks of classes (8 total) that playfully review the skills and concepts of the previous year.
  • Playful review - in class activities review skills and concepts and extend the play, more games, more full body involvement!
  • Parents do not attend
  • Student Packet included with tuition
  • Tuition is $160 for eight classes

Click on the above image of the appropriate class for your child to enroll!