Fall 2024 - Brown Teddy Bears!

In Brown Teddy Bears, we will learn preschool concepts* like the first half of the alphabet (letter recognition, phonetic sound, and ASL signs), seasons and weather, rhyming words, early executive function skills, and right vs. left through songs with a bear theme. These songs as well as songs about gardens and bees will help teach children the musical concepts that are central to all Sound Beginnings semesters - the major scale, solfege syllables and hand signs, ear training, echoing, classical music and form, rhythm and steady beat, and beginning notation. Our semester instrument is the rhythm sticks. 

Spring 2025 - Pink Piggies!

In Pink Piggies, we will learn the second half of the alphabet, concepts of money (penny, nickel, dime, etc.) including value and sorting, first and last name, taking care of our pets, grocery shopping, and even some Spanish! Instead of the major scale, this semester we'll talk about the DO pentatonic scale. We will also reinforce all of the musical concepts learned in all Sound Beginnings semesters, using songs, dances, and activities unique to Pink Piggies! Our semester instrument is the maracas.

*All semesters of Sound Beginnings teach early literacy concepts (left to right tracking, name recognition, concepts of print, comprehension), fine and gross motor skills, and have a huge emphasis on parent/child bonding.